Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water heaters and systems are a great option for Australians living alone, starting out a family, growing a family or even just as an alternative to Gas, Solar or even Heat pump heaters.  At Crownplumbing Specialists, we gather all the information you provide to determine the best Hot Water Heater is needed for your family and budget. Electric hot water heaters make up 35% of household energy usage and by installing one you are getting the best in quality and value. 

How Electric Water Heaters Work:

Electric hot water heaters work by storing water heated by electricity in the tank made readily available for use. They provide fully applied pressure to several outlets depending on the specifications of the hot water heater and they can service a multitude of taps, hoses, showers and other water required needs.

It is important to understand that Electric hot water heaters and or systems are generally inexpensive to install however the cost of usage depends on the electricity rates provided by your electricity provider.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems Installation, Repair & Replacement

At Crownplumbing Specialists, we can help every Australian make the right decision on choosing a Hot Water heater or system. By contacting us, we will discuss with you your range of options. We also service 24 hours 7 days a week should you have an emergency hot water heater issue.


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