Blocked Toilet Drain

Blocked toilets can become a major inconvenience when it arises. This could be due to items that are not flushable such as wet wipes, pads, paper towels, excessive toilet paper and so forth. Crown Plumbing Specialists uses state of the art equipment to find the issue should it not be rectified with a plunger. So if you are stuck and need assistance with a blocked toilet call Crown Plumbing Specialists.


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Your best course of action when this happens is to call Crown Plumbing Specialists 02 9042 1512

We completely understand the urgency of a blocked toilet and make it a point to come to your location quickly with all the necessary tools to fix the issue on the same day.

We understand how distressing blocked toilets can be for you. The amount of plunging and unclogging to unblock a drain; clogged toilets are messy, they destroy your carpets, and worst of all, they can take hours of plunging and the blockage still won’t budge! These are just a few of the problems a blocked sewer can give you.

Clogged and blocked toilets

  • Blocked drains
  • Drains slow to drain waste water
  • Blocked floor waste or shower waste
  • Blocked sewer
  • An object stuck in the pipe
  • Clearing blocked drains

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