Blocked Stormwater Drain

Blocked stormwater drains are a safety concern especially during monsoon season or periods of heavy rain. This is due to mud, dirt, branches, trees, silt, leaves, plastic and rubbish being washed away causing blockage. Blocked stormwater drains can be mitigated before blockage by taking time to clean around the gutters, stormwater drains and pipes and by installing gutter pipes to help prevent mud, dirt, branches, trees, silt and leaves from entering into the pipes causing a blockage in the drains. Additionally, by using your garden hose, you can clean up around the pipe by washing off any debris that is left around the gutters or drains.

So, if you are stuck and need assistance, Call Crown Plumbing Specialists. Not only can Crown Plumbing Specialists assist in unblocking stormwater drains, but they also use state of the art equipment to prevent further damage being carried out.

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